Can I just come to visit the War Hostel without staying there?

No. If you want to see it you will have to book your bed here.

Is the War Hostel really famous?

Easiest way to check that is to search online for the term War Hostel Sarajevo and you will find the articles easily.

I am a journalist, can I come to film my experience there, or just the hostel?

Sorry, but at the moment we are not interested in any filming being done at the War Hostel. You can contact us to inform us about your idea and maybe we’ll contact you in the future.

We are also not interested in any kind of interviews being done by researchers, students, content creators, journalists etc. At the given moment.

Do you provide us with hot showers, normal bathroom, wifi, internet, comfort, clean sheets etc.?

Yes, we have all of that and more. It’s like staying in a war museum with all amenities while being able to meet the survivors which guide you through the experience. We do have war simulations, war learning activities, special tours, but everything is optional, you decide what you want to do.

We have normal heating during the winter and cold days.

Is there any air condition, because I can’t stand rooms which are too hot?

No, sorry, there’s no air condition, but the room is naturally nice and cool.

Are those real bomb shelter beds?

Yes. They are from 1992, you can see their manufacturing date on one of the images. They were sent as humanitarian aid to Bosnia and such beds were used in bomb shelters. The blankets are humanitarian aid emergency wartime blankets, they are your cover, pillow and sheets. The beds are separated by a grey sheet and that’s exactly how it was in the war in actual bomb shelters. We do say to not expect comfort, but the beds are quite comfortable, considering they are wartime emergency beds. My advice is that you look at our gallery and you have images of the beds there that you can look at so you can have a better idea of where you would sleep.

Is there any food or breakfast, a kitchen?

No there’s nothing included. However, we do teach you about war recipes, war food, how to make your own MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) and give you the best advice on where and what to eat, but not only restaurants, but food that locals eat every day. The make your own MRE activity is optional.

Do I have to stay 2 nights?

You can leave whenever you want, but it’s only possible to book 2 nights. It’s recommended to stay 2 nights because besides your money, you should invest time in this experience and as it turns out 2 nights is the perfect amount of time to explore and experience everything we have to offer.

What does a typical stay in the War hostel look like?

You arrive, explore all rooms, have a look at all images, newspapers, artifacts, talk to me and ask me any questions about the war, post war or anything you are interested in. I guide you through everything. All of the activities are optional, you can explore our museum, take a trip to the frontline or city to see the damage from the war and so on and so forth. But one of the most interesting experiences is for you to just be in the War Hostel and take it all in.

Are you really war survivors?

Yes, we are. We lived in the same home before the war, during and after, now just one part is turned into the War Hostel and that’s what’s unique about this place. It’s not a group of people with some idea, it’s actual war survivors who run it in their actual home where they survived the war, so just by coming here you are supporting us and our project. We lived in very similar conditions like the conditions displayed in the war hostel, but it was very real and our lives were in danger every day. We had no choice and there were no guaranties, it was like that for 4 years or 1425 days and nights. No electricity, no water, no heating, no normal food just humanitarian food aid and trying to survive each day. (And no internet of course, didn’t exist back then here)

Who goes to stay in the war hostel?

Whoever wants to learn from us, listen to our stories and have a small insight into what it was like everyday for us to survive 4 years of war, but in the case of the war hostel, everything is optional and there is no danger or fear involved, while we on the other hand never had a choice. People who come here want something memorable for their travel and are not afraid to put themselves a little bit out of their comfort zone. It’s not exclusive to tourists and travelers, we have had locals, local war survivors, students foreign and domestic, journalists, soldiers, researchers etc.

Is the war hostel child friendly, is there an age restriction?
The war hostel is for people who are 18+.

How do I book my stay in the war hostel?
Just send us a message at warhostel@gmail.com and we’ll book you in.