No matter if you are coming from the Sarajevo Airport, Bus Station or Train Station I do not recommend the public transportation. It’s unfortunately a disaster. The city is in the middle of reconstructing it and you will just waste your time and money and also have a chance to get pickpocketed. So instead, just take the first taxi you see and go to the Sarajevo Cable Car (starting station) the stairs. Very important that you tell the driver to take you to the stairs (main entrance of the cable car). Now from there all you need to do is go up the stairs until just about before the end of the stairs. To your right you’ll see a small souvenir shop, ring the green bell button there and that’s it, you have reached us! It’s that simple.

Where to find the taxi service?

If you arrived via the Airport, the taxi service should be right in front of the exit of the Airport. If you arrived via the main Bus Station, the taxi service should be straight ahead and a little bit to the right once you exit the Bus Station. If you arrived via the East Side Sarajevo bus station the taxi service should be to the right once you exit the bus station. If you arrived via the Train Station, once you exit the train station, stick to your right side, keep walking in about a minute you should reach a restaurant called Zmaj to the right of that restaurant is the taxi service.

How much should you pay for the taxi?

That depends, if they are honest, they should have a taximeter installed and it should count the mileage and give you a price at the end of the ride. But roughly it should be about 10 Euros that’s 20 KM (local currency). Any less then that means you had a great deal! Any more, means you’ve been ripped off, so watch out!

Again, don’t waste your time and money, the public transportation here is very bad, just take the taxi service, that’s my honest recommendation.

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